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Baba & Boo

Baba + Boo Newborn Starter Cloth Nappy Kit - 20 Nappies

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These kits contain everything you need to get started with cloth nappies. You need around 20 nappies for full-time use, so buy this kit and you're good to go.

Each kit contains:

  • a nappy bucket

  • two laundry bags (Which go inside your bucket. Just lift the bag out of the bucket and into the washing machine. Job done.)

  • a nappy storage bag (perfect if you're out and about)

  • 20 newborn nappies (with 40 bamboo mix inserts)

  • Pack of disposable liners


Baba & Boo newborn nappies fit from about 5lb to six months. After that, babies move into one size nappies, which last through to potty training. 

Our newborn nappies are really easy to put on as they have hook and loop ('velcro') fastenings. Perfect for quick and easy middle-of-the-night changes! 

The popper system on the front of the nappy allows the nappy to grow with your baby. You simply snap the poppers together to make the nappy super-small. As baby grows, undo the poppers so that the nappy grows with baby.

When your baby is teeny tiny, you will normally only need to use one insert, which should last up to about four hours during the day. Once your baby starts to grow (which is always too quick!) and you find the nappy is not lasting as long, it's time to add the other insert for more absorbency.

If you want you can use a liner. This sits between the nappy and baby’s bottom.  Liners aren’t essential but many parents choose to use them if they are worried about stains. When baby is older, these come into their own for poo disposal. (In the early days newborn poo can just be put straight in the machine). 


THESE KITS MAY TAKE UP TO 1 WEEK TO DISPATCH. As a small business we do not have the room to store these kits on premises so we order in as needed. By purchasing via our website you can help to support a small local business at absolutely no extra cost to you. :)