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Bambino Mio

Bambino Mio Mioduo Reusable Nappy Complete Set

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THESE KITS CAN TAKE 1-2 WEEKS TO DISPATCH. As a small business we do not have the room to store these kits on premises so we order in as needed. In cases where this print is not available we will contact you for an alternative choice. By purchasing via our website you can help to support a small local business at absolutely no extra cost to you. :)

The mioduo complete set is a convenient and cost effective way to purchase reusable nappies. This pack is ideal for full-time users and provides you with all the nappies and accessories you need from baby to toddler.

• The award-winning mioduo is a simple and versatile two-piece reusable nappy. The nappy includes a onesize foldable insert and a water resistant outer cover.
• Onesize* foldable insert can be used with two sizes of outer cover to fit from baby to toddler.
• Smart protection - double leak-proof legs and waist for ultimate security.
• Created for dryness - super absorbent layers of cotton keep wetness away from the skin.
• Wriggle proof - stretchy water resistant outer cover provides comfort for babies on the move.
• Naturally soft - designed to feel better with 100% breathable cotton.
• Customise - use any type of inserts inside your cover such as flat insert for newborns, foldable insert or even super soft muslin squares.
• Made for you - fold your inserts for tummy sleepers and add extra inserts to maximise absorbency for heavy wetters.
• Easy to wash and dry - extremely fast drying time for quick nappy turnaround.
• Available in a range of eco-chic designs.
• Made from; insert: 100% cotton, outer: 100% polyester, laminated to polyurethane.
• This pack comes in a reusable fabric box for stylish nappy storage.

What's in the box?
• 16 x mioduo foladable inserts
• 8 x size 1 mioduo covers
• 8 x size 2 mioduo covers
• 3 x mioboost flat inserts
• 100 x nappy liners
• 750g x baby laundry cleanser
• 1 x nappy bucket
• 2 x laundry bags
• 1 x wet bag

*True for most babies but due to a wide range of shapes and sizes this cannot be guaranteed. Colours and designs may vary.