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Little Lamb

Little Lamb Bamboo Fitted Nappy - 5 Pack

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The Little Lamb bamboo fitted nappy provides an extraordinary level of absorbency and a comfortable fit for your child. 

These nappies are an inexpensive, easy-to-use, well-fitting nappy that you can rely on to give baby long-lasting dryness. These nappies create the traditional 'fluffy bum' silhouette cloth nappies are famous for, which is truly adorable. 

Our bamboo nappy is a stash staple for thousands of happy cloth-using families across the UK. Many nappy retailers highly recommend this nappy as a durable, long-lasting nighttime nappy.  

  • Designed for daytime and nighttime use
  • Oeko-tex certified Bamboo Viscose
  • Ethically made using high-quality components
  • Requires a waterproof wrap 

Newborn - for babies under 12lbs.

Choose Size 1 for 7lb-20lbs (3kgs-9kgs)

Choose Size 2 for 20-38lbs (9kgs-17kgs) 

Choose Size 3 for 35lbs+/17kgs+