Cotton Fitted Nappy - 5 Pack

Cotton Fitted Nappy - 5 Pack

Little Lamb
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Our cotton fitted nappy provides a high level of absorbency and is exceptionally durable. 

This is our original nappy - designed over 20 years ago and used on all the LittleLamb founder's children. This nappy is what catapulted LittleLamb into a brand leader in the cloth nappy market - it is well made, highly absorbent, and most importantly, easy-to-use. As cotton is our most durable fabric, these nappies will last a very long time and will save you lots of money on any subsequent children you might have. These nappies create the traditional 'fluffy bum' silhouette cloth nappies are famous for, which is truly adorable. 

This nappy is a stash staple for thousands of happy cloth-using families across the UK. 

  • Designed for daytime and nighttime use
  • Oeko-tex certified cotton
  • Ethically made using high-quality components
  • This nappy required a waterproof wrap