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Newborn Hire Kit (From £70 + Deposit)

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You can now go ahead and book your kit directly on this page using the calendar above! If the date you would like is unavailable then send us an email and we will see what we can do. You can choose to collect from our Bristol shop or have the kit posted for £5 We recommend booking this kit at least 3 months in advance for best chance of availability.

6 weeks: £70 Hire Fee + £29 Refundable Deposit.

7 weeks: £80 Hire Fee + £29 Refundable Deposit

8 weeks: £90 Hire Fee + £29 Refundable Deposit

And so on...

Our newborn hire kits are a great way to cloth teeny ones from birth without the need to buy a full set of newborn nappies. Kits have a standard hire period of 6 weeks which should be plenty of time for your little one to chunk up and fit into the larger 'One Size' or 'Birth To Potty' Nappies which are often too small from birth despite their name. We currently have 2 Newborn Hire Kits in circulation.

Containing over 20 nappies from a range of brands and styles, there's something for everyone. Exact kit contents will vary, but here is an example of a typical kit's content

    • Close Pop In - 3 outer shells, 5 soakers.
    • Muslinz - 4 muslin cloths, 3 prefolds, 2 wraps.
    • Tots Bots - 2 Teenyfit Star nappies, 1 Bamboozle nappy, 1 poppered insert, 1 PeeNut wrap.
    • Little Lovebum - 2 Newbie nappies, 2 Newbie inserts.
    • Little Lamb - 1 fitted nappy, 1 insert, 1 fleecy liner, 1 wrap.
    • Baba & Boo - 2 Newborn Pocket Nappies & 4 Inserts
    • Bambinex - 1 fitted nappy, 1 poppered insert.
    • Assortment of 20 wipes.
    • 1 nappy fastener.
    • 2 wet bags or 1 wet bag and 1 nappy bucket. (not pictured)

    The nappies in this kit vary from tiny baby size (5-12lbs) to Size 1 (8lbs-20lbs), to ensure you get a good fit no matter your baby's shape or size.

    This kit is recommended for babies with an expected birth weight of 5.5lbs-9lbs to get the best use out of the kit, but you are welcome to order a kit for any sized newborn, just please be aware that larger babies may not get much use out of some of the tinier nappies and vice versa for smaller babies.

    Kits are thoroughly washed and inspected between hire periods. After inspection we will refund the cost of your deposit (after deductions if damage applies).


    • Obviously every baby is different so we cannot guarantee that you will get the full 6/7/8 weeks use out of them all, and cannot offer refunds if this is the case.
    • Hire is valid for 6/7/8 weeks from the date of delivery (or first attempted delivery) and the kit should be returned in a condition that you would hope to receive it in on/before the final date of hire. Late fee of £5/day applies, if you would like the kit for longer please contact us to arrange this at a better price depending on availability.
    • Please check the contents of this kit upon arrival, if anything is not as expected then please email us immediately. Any previous damage may be charged to you if not reported straight away.
    • General wear and tear is to be expected, missing or damaged items will be deducted from your deposit at the end of the hire period. Stains are common and are not considered damage.
    • In this kit is a £30 voucher (valid on spends of £150+) to use towards any purchase at The Friendly Eco, online or in-store within 8 weeks of the start of your hire.
    • This kit must be returned on or before the end of hire period either in-person or via a tracked postal service with minimum £50 insurance cover. Postage costs are your responsibility.
    • Please follow our washing guide carefully as we cannot take responsibility for damage if not followed.
    • If for any reason you need to cancel your hire kit before it is dispatched it will be cancelled and refunded in full. Once hire kits are dispatched the hire fee will not be refunded in part or full in any circumstances other than in cases in stillbirth/SIDS.