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Prefold & Wrap Full Time Nappy Kit

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Our budget part time kits are an affordable yet effective way to get into cloth nappies. They are particularly great for smaller, skinnier babies due to being sized, meaning less bulk - but will suit all babies due to being so easily adjustable with the poppers. The wraps can be reused 3 or 4 times before needing a wash, meaning you only need one wrap for every 3 or 4 prefolds!

Containing enough for 24 changes before washing, this kit should last most babies 3-4 days in cloth - perfect for full time use. Due to the kit contents all being separate, you can customise it to it your baby's needs exactly. You can add a booster for car journeys and naps, or fold the prefold so that there is more front absorbency for a boy - the varieties are endless!

The two-part system means that the fit is very forgiving, which is particularly useful if you are transitioning from disposables. And the 100% cotton prefolds are suitable for tumble drying on high for a fast turnaround.

The wraps can also be used over fitted nappies such as our Little Lamb Bamboo Fitted - which is perfect for babies that are sleeping through the night and need a reliable nappy that will last 12 hours!

Prefold & Wrap Trial Kit Contents:

Available in Size 1 (Newborn - 6 months) & Size 2 (6 Months - Potty Training).

If you have a print preference, feel free to leave a note at checkout and we will do our best to honour this!