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Fern Regular Period Pad

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The Fern regular sanitary pad is perfect for a regular flow during the mid-section of your cycle. Its shape and length ensure good coverage and maximum protection.

Fern cloth sanitary products are made using the finest materials designed for your comfort in mind whilst protecting our planet.

Each of the pads has a waterproof fabric back with waterproof wings for maximum containment. The absorbent core is made up of a blend of 100% GOTs certified organic cotton and bamboo fleece. The pads come with easy-to-use poppers that allow for easy positioning. We recommend changing every 4-6 hours or as required. The pads are suitable for overnight use.

Washing: we recommend rinsing with cold water straight after use to stop staining, before storing in a waterproof bag. Wash with non-bio detergent at no more than 40'C - do not use fabric conditioner or harsh stain removers as these can reduce absorbency and damage the waterproof layer. Tumble drying may damage the waterproof lining.