Are Reusable Nappies Really Less Convenient?

Are Reusable Nappies Really Less Convenient?

We’re big fans of reusable cloth nappies over at The Friendly Eco. In fact, it was the cloth nappies which got us both hooked on natural parenting to start with! I remember when I was first researching the idea of reusables, it felt like every other article I read was suggesting a new myth about cloth nappies that I hadn't heard of before. Probably one of the most prevalent myths to pop up was the suggestion that reusables are somehow inferior to disposables, that they must lack absorbency or capacity.

I'm not entirely sure where this myth came from, but I think its partly the assumption that because disposables took over the nappy industry 30+ years ago, they must somehow be superior to reusables. So many of our decisions as consumers come down to convenience, we will naturally pick the most convenient option - whether that be the takeaway with the easy-to-order app and the 15 minute delivery time, or the disposable nappies with no-faff changes. But how many of those decisions actually turn out to be the most convenient in the long run?

Many of my friends who use disposables are forever talking about middle of the night changes and poonamis up the back that require a full pack of wipes to clean up before they can even begin to peel off the mustard-stained sleepsuit. One thing that I've always wondered is - am I really doing any more washing than them if I'm getting no leaks? We've consistently had night nappies last 12+ hour nights despite having 2-3 feeds, meanwhile I hear of parents limiting fluids before bed and doubling up the disposables in the hopes of getting 8 hours of sleep before the cot gets damp.

I do two nappy loads a week - I store them in an old, dry IKEA swing-top bin, and when full I shove them into the washing machine, turn the rinse cycle on and walk away. When I'm ready, I top up with the children's clothes, add my washing powder and put it all on a standard 60c cotton wash. I typically hang them to dry, but if I'm feeling lazy then everything goes straight in the tumble dryer on a low heat. I never have to do early morning wet bedding strips, emergency poop explosion washes, and my kids only get through one set of clothes each per day.

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Sure, it took me a few weeks to master the perfect reusable fit that would last 4 hours, but how different is that to trying out countless brands of disposable nappies, getting more and more expensive with every brand, in the hopes of one works? What if, instead of stocking up with boxes of disposables at your baby shower, you asked each person to buy you one reusable? It only takes 20 nappies to go full time, and you'll never have an emergency late night trip to the supermarket for nappies as all you'll ever need is right there.

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When all is said and done, if you decide to go with reusable nappies, be it due to environmental concerns or cost, they really are convenient – because they’ll save time and most likely money too! And looking good on the environment never goes out of style...

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