How To Use Reusable Nappies - Our Top Ten Tips

"I want to use reusable nappies but don't know where to start!"
Don't worry, we've got you covered! Whether you're looking for advice to begin your journey or just need some help getting family onboard - this article is for you. We have ten simple tips that will help make your life easier and our free ebook 'The Ultimate Cloth Nappy Guide' has all the information you need about cloth nappies in one place.
  1. Try Before You Buy - Don't dedicate yourself to 20-30 nappies of one brand before you know that you like them! Nappies are like anything else in life, different people like different ones best. Choose a few you like the look of and try one of each - you can either buy three/four of your own to try, or you can hire a kit containing lots of styles and brands.
  2. The Sooner The Better - There's a myth that it's easier to start reusables after the first few months, but in all honesty, we think it's easier to start from day one. It's so much easier to start as you mean to go on, rather than put them off until baby is bigger and have to learn when you have so many other important things on your mind to think about.
  3. Consider Your Laundry System - How do you plan on drying your nappies? If you have a small flat and will be air drying, you will probably prefer a quick-drying flats system. Whereas if you plan on tumble drying or know someone else may be looking after your child often then you may prefer the simplicity of an all-in-one system that can be slower to dry without a tumble dryer.
  4. Get Everyone On Board! - If your partner or co-parent isn't fully on board then it's going to be hard to keep the momentum going. Take them to a local nappy class or speak to a parent friend who loves cloth, get them to realize that this is a great option for their child.
  5. Compromise Isn't Bad - If you're worried about dealing with poop then use disposable liners, you're still helping the planet and saving money! They'll cost less than £5/month to buy and still use 90-98% fewer raw materials (depending on which liner and how often they're used).
  6. Ask For Help - If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the information or just starting out, ask an experienced cloth nappy user (like one of The Friendly Eco team) to help guide you through your first few weeks/months - it can make all the difference!
  7. Take It One Day At A Time - You can't expect nappies to be clean all the time, nobody's are. If you have a poop explosion in your nappy then just shake out any solids into the toilet, put it in the bucket, and carry on with rinsing/washing as normal! Don't give up if it doesn't work perfectly straight away, Rome wasn't built in a day.
  8. Know Your Options - There are different types of nappies for different stages and different lifestyles. Most people use 2-3 different types/brands for different situations - I prefer a pocket or all-in-one nappy during the day and a fitted nappy with a wrap during the night for my kids. Some people just use one type and some use them all!
  9. Join The Community - It's so much easier to do something when you feel like you have a supportive group of people that you can speak to, which is why we created The Friendly Eco Hive - a Facebook group for like-minded reusable nappy and eco-loving parents. Check it out and see what you think!
  10. Have A Guide To Hand - Our FREE eBook 'The Ultimate Cloth Nappy Guide' has all the information you need about nappies in one place, from washing tips to nappy types. Sign up now to get yours straight away!

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