Sizing Guide for Cloth Nappies

One of the most common questions we get asked is "What size nappies do i need to buy?" Cloth sizes are much simpler than disposables as they are designed to grow with your child and therefore save money and the environment. When it comes to cloth you have two options - you can choose 'newborn' and 'birth-to-potty' nappies, or you can choose 'sized' nappies.

Birth-To-Potty Nappies

Also known as 'One Size' nappies, these are designed to fit from birth until potty training and operate on a poppered 'rise' system to shorten/lengthen the nappy to your baby's requirements. They're the most economical choice as just 20 nappies will see you almost the whole way through your baby's nappy years (in comparison to 3,000-5,000 disposables). We say *almost* because the reality is that most newborns are just too small for these nappies at birth, we find that most babies will fit birth-to-potty nappies by 3 months of age when they have gained a bit of weight.

Birth-To-Potty nappies typically come in the form of pocket nappies, all-in-ones and all-in-two's.

Examples of Birth-To-Potty Nappies include Bambino Mio, Tickle Tots, Baba and Boo One Size, and Close Pop-In One Size.

Newborn Nappies

Newborn nappies are typically designed to fit until 12lbs (approx 3 months) and are the perfect starter nappy for newborns not yet chunky enough for birth-to-potty nappies. Our Close Pop In Newborn Nappy Box is the perfect starter set for newborns as the wraps can be wiped and reused 2 to 3 times before washing, so when paired with additional boosters or muslin cloths can be a complete system for your baby (and any possible future babies)!

Newborn nappies typically come as pocket nappies, all-in-two's or 2-part systems.

Examples of newborn nappies include Close Pop-In Newborn, Tots Bots TeenyFit Stars and Little Lovebum Newbie.

Sized Nappies

Sized nappies come in three sizes:

Size 1 7lbs - 20lbs (3kg to 9kgs) or newborn to 9 months

Size 2 20lbs - 35lbs (9kgs to 17kgs) or 9 months to potty training

Size 3 30lbs (13kgs) upwards

Most babies will only need the first two sizes, and those needing size three generally only need a few for night-time use. 

Sized nappies typically come as a 2-part system, consisting of an absorbent (shaped or flat) inner nappy and a water resistant outer wrap, a fitted system is very good for night time use if you are using birth to potty during the day.. A few brands also sell sized pocket nappies too, these aren't as common but can be very useful for toddlers that have outgrown their 'birth-to-potty' pocket nappies.

Examples of sized nappies/wraps include Little Lambs fitted, Muslinz wraps and Bambinex fitted.

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