What is Earth Hour and how do I take part?

What is Earth Hour and how do I take part?

Technology is great. How else would I be able to listen to Icelandic pop music whilst ordering Mexican food to eat while watching Korean TV shows? How lucky we are! Technology can also kind of suck - as I am reminded as my phone greets me with a string of ignored messages, notifications and reminders about how my rent is due, and how the world is falling apart.

Sometimes, we all need a break from technology. Earth Hour offers exactly such relief. If you haven't already heard of it, Earth Hour is a global initiative organized by the World Wildlife Fund to raise awareness of the climate crisis, and the damaging affects that technology is having on the environment. For one hour, between 8:30pm and 9:30pm on the 26th of March, families, businesses and organizations all around the world turn off their lights and electronic devices.

It goes without saying that doing this will be easier for some than others. But we're here to tell you, as we always do, that it doesn't have to be all or nothing! No one should feel 'locked out' of tackling climate change, and it's okay to adapt Earth Hour to make it accessible to your family. So here's some bright ideas for ways that you could take part if you can't sit in the dark:

Limit the lighting to one or two rooms

All gather for some calm family time in the living room/a kids bedroom together. Share some snacks, play train tracks, read some stories, make it a fun but calm evening!

Invite friends around

By inviting them around, they can turn off their lights and still do your bit as a group to save the planet!

Check your lightbulbs

Spend the evening switching out your lightbulbs for energy saving ones - there's always a few sneaky 40W bulbs still hiding in lampshades! This will also save you so much money in the long run...

Share share share

Spreading the word on social media can raise some serious awareness, so share this post right now and maybe you'll encourage others to take part too! Here's a graphic that you can use, and remember to tag us too!

We encourage all to participate as much as they can, whether that be a full tech blackout, or just switching off your phone for an hour.

Switching off, just for one evening gives us the opportunity to catch up with old hobbies, spend time with loved ones, eat a special meal, or just kick back with a good book. If you feel up to it, there may be special Earth Hour events organized in your community for you to get involved in.

However you chose to switch off tonight, we hope that you find a relaxing way to take a break from the stress technology can bring!


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