A close up picture of a toddler wearing a green reusable nappy from Bambino Mio's Miosolo Supreme range. In the background you can see toys on the living room floor.

Bambino Mio Miosolo Supreme All In One Reusable Nappy Review

An honest review of the Bambino Mio Miosolo Supreme Nappy, tried and tested by a 22 month-old toddler over the course of a month.

We’ve been trialling the Bambino Mio Miosolo Supreme all in one nappy for almost a month now, and it’s time to share our results!

Firstly, the supreme nappy has a double PUL gusset which is actually quite unique to all-in-ones, at least in the UK. Its also possibly the softest PUL double gusset I’ve ever come across, I’m not sure if it’s the fleece inner, but it’s much softer than your typical double gusset wrap.

An open Bambino Mio reusable nappy showing the absorbent inserts and fleece lining.

I really liked the bamboo inner, it folds out the same as the classic but has a second, also attached, insert which slips into the flap which you use to stuff the insert into the nappy. Bambino Mio clearly listened to their customers, as many of us already use the Miosolo classic flap to hold an extra booster.

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Drying time is equal to my pocket nappies, as despite being attached, it separates just enough to allow airflow between the two inserts and the outer shell. It does take a while to air dry indoors in winter, much like any bamboo nappy which does mean I need a few quicker drying nappies such as the Miosolo classics to speed up rotation whilst the Supremes are drying.

It’s still a bigger nappy so well suited to chunky babies and toddlers. For an idea of size, we are currently squeezing Harrison into size 2 fitted nappies at night, but really he could do with moving to size 3. 🙈

The Miosolo Supremes still have one set of rise snaps done up, and he has a fair amount of waist room left which is what our size 2 fitted nappies are struggling with! I remember using Miosolo classics with Finley who has always been a very tall kid for his age, meaning by 2 he outgrew most one size nappies except for Miosolos, in weight and height. But being a heavy wetter meant we had to boost them a fair bit - so I wish the Supremes had been an option when he was in nappies!

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A close-up font-on of a toddler in a Bambino Mio reusable nappy in green.

Velcro can be a marmite choice with parents, but the laundry tabs on these nappies are decent and stay stuck during a wash - meaning they're pretty easy to keep fluff-free!

I can't wait to see what new prints they come out with in the future, as four certainly isn't enough for me! 

Have you tried one yet? 

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