Going Zero Waste: Five Swaps to Make for FREE

Going Zero Waste: Five Swaps to Make for FREE

What does sustainable living mean for you? For many people, sustainable living means more than just recycling. A sustainable lifestyle is about reducing your carbon footprint and being eco-friendly in all aspects of life. It can be difficult to make these changes in our lives, but zero waste swaps are a great way to start! In this blog post we will talk about five zero waste swaps that will help you reduce your environmental impact while also saving money.

Shop in bulk

Have a household favourited you can't stock up fast enough? Buy a bulk bag or get a plastic-free subscription, it'll cost you nothing extra and possibly save you money. This swap is a great way to reduce your packaging waste whilst saving your sanity. Buying in bulk can also help you avoid impulse buys - reducing plastic and saving money!

Bring a reusable bottle

Every house in 2021 has at least five of these lying around the place, so dust yours off and put it by your keys/purse to ensure you don't forget it. Bringing your own water bottle is eco-friendly, looks cool and save you money! Many places across the UK have free Refill stations now so download the app to find ones near you. I won't include this as an additional swap but remember those reusable bags too!

Use what you already have

On first glance this may not seem like a 'swap', but hear me out...When you hear the words 'eco friendly' what do you picture? Bamboo straws, glass containers, metal cups, minimalist styles - we see it too! What if I told you that the most sustainable way to live is using what you already have? Yes, even last night's Chinese takeaway container is more sustainable in this moment than a brand new glass lunchbox you've been eyeing up online - because you already have it.

Say 'no' to receipts

Receipts. Aren't. Recyclable. Trust me! Receipts are thermal paper, meaning they require a chemical known as BPA (Bisphenol A) to create. BPA is a chemical known to harm both people and the planet, so decline a receipt wherever possible. If you really need one, ask for an email receipt as most places will happily oblige!

Upcycle an old towel

Everyone has a ragged beach towel from a family holiday 20 years ago, so cut it up and sew up the edges to create some simple cleaning rags. We use ours for anything from wiping down the dining table to polishing the windows. They're so versatile, just add them to a hot wash with bedding/towels, then reuse them again and again!


There are many ways to reduce your environmental footprint and live a more sustainable life. These five zero waste swaps will help you do just that, without impacting the pocketbook! Remember these tips for when it's time to buy new items but keep in mind that using what you already have is always better than buying something new if possible.  Remember: eco-friendly doesn't mean expensive or complicated - there are plenty of simple changes we can all make every day to save money and protect our planet from harm.



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