Top 5 EASY Plastic Free Bathroom Swaps

Top 5 EASY Plastic Free Bathroom Swaps

Going plastic-free (or even plastic reduced) isn't as hard or expensive as it seems. In fact, most swaps will actually save you money! Here's 5 swaps you're bound to love...

Shampoo Bars

These little bars save you time, plastic and money! Starting from just £2.95, each bar is the equivalent of 2 to 3 bottles of shampoo. Some bars (soap based ones) require an adjustment period, but others such as the Eco Living Shampoo Bars will work just as well as a bottle from day one, even in hard water. They're also great for holidays as they aren't liquid so no problems with hand luggage!

Bamboo Toothbrushes


Just your standard toothbrush, but with a bamboo handle... These are such an easy swap, and you alone could save 300 plastic toothbrushes from landfill by switching now. Imagine if you switched the whole family... We just use a marker or a dab of paint to colour-code adult ones. And yes - we even do coloured kids ones!

Safety Razors

If you choose to shave, then you'll know that razors are SO expensive! And there's so much plastic being thrown away, whether you choose the disposable razors or the ones with the snap-on heads. Safety razors are literally just metal, the handle will last a lifetime when looked after properly, and the blades are universal and just 25p each.

Natural Loofah

Did you know that your plastic body puff is just an imitation for the real deal?! Plastic body puffs are commonly found in sea animals such as turtles and whales, often with fatal consequences. Body loofahs are a natural alternative which are made from the loofah plant, much like a cucumber. They are super exfoliating and can be composted when you're ready for a new one.

Reusable Makeup Pads


One of the first plastic-free bathroom items to go mainstream, these beauties pay for themselves in weeks. They can be used with whatever cleanser you like including coconut oil, micellar water, or a soap of your choice. Just store used pads in a mesh bag on the back of your bathroom door and chuck them in the wash with your bath towels when needed.

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