Veganuary - Why bother?

Veganuary - Why bother?

It's that time of year again! Santa is waving at you from every shop window, Mariah Carey has established her annual residence on every speaker system under the sun, and up and down the country, the smells of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger waft through the air. Christmas is here! 
For most of us, December is hardly the time of year to be thinking about eating more healthily - quite the opposite! But come the end of the month - when the dishes have hit the hot water and the dreaded spectre of 'new years resolutions' hangs over the living room in the place of mistletoe, those sneaky extra mince pies and second helpings can all to quickly return to haunt us.
Enter Veganuary. More than just another passing fad, or bragging opportunity for health nuts, Veganuary is an international campaign, spearheaded by a non-proft organization. Focused on alleviating the negative environmental impacts of animal based farming, alongside promoting healthier diets for those who participate, Veganuary offers the opportunity to both do good, and feel good!

Who are they?

Veganuary is a non-profit advocacy organisation that aims to help individuals and businesses to transition away from animal-based products by spreading awareness of the negative effects of animal farming and assisting in the adoption of plant-based alternatives. Beginning in 2014, the organization has ran an annual drive each January, challenging individuals to give up animal based food products for the month - giving millions a taste of what a vegan diet would be like.

What's the point?

Veganuary aim to reduce the demand for animal-based food products by encouraging the adoption of vegan lifestyles. Around the world, the industrial farming of animals for food is having devastating impacts on eco-systems and natural environments, and is estimated to be responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Cutting down on our consumption of animal food products will therefore be a vital part of combatting the climate crisis.

What's in it for me?

Besides the glowing feeling of knowing that you are doing something for the planet, Veganuary could also provide all manor of health benefits! Research has consistently shown vegan diets to be linked to lower cholesterol, and thus lower risk of heart disease and other inflammatory diseases. Vegan diets of longer durations have also been consistently linked to weight loss.

Where do I sign up?

With meal plans, nutrition guides and coaching emails all month long, trying veganism has never been easier. Click here to explore Veganuary's website and to sign up today!
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