Sustainable Fashion: What is GOTS Certified Organic Cotton?

Sustainable Fashion: What is GOTS Certified Organic Cotton?

What is GOTS certified organic cotton? GOTS stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard, which was created to ensure that all textiles used in clothing and other products are produced according to strict environmental standards. GOTS Certified organic cotton goes through a rigorous third-party certification process and must comply with many criteria that cover everything from pesticide use to water quality. This blog post will talk about some of the benefits of GOTS certified organic cotton, as well as what makes it sustainable.

Water consumption

GOTS certified organic cotton is cultivated with no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. This means that the water used to grow GOTS-certified organic cotton can be cleanly recycled for other purposes, such as drinking and irrigation.

Low energy consumption

GOTS certified organic cotton production has a low carbon footprint because it does not consume excessive amounts of energy in the production process. GOTS certified organic cotton is produced with renewable resources to limit its carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.


GOTS certified organic cotton does not contain any toxic, persistent pesticides or heavy metals that are harmful to human beings and other living creatures on earth. GOTS certification of a fabric means that it is free of harmful toxic substances.


GOTS certified organic cotton is not treated with chemical herbicides or pesticides, which makes it safe for people and the environment. GOTS certification guarantees that a fabric is pesticide-free.


GOTS certified organic cotton is GES (Global Emissions Score) zero. GES scores measure the environmental impact of textile production and GOTS certified organic cotton has a GES of zero because it does not use any synthetic chemicals that emit harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Lower drying costs

Organic cotton needs less energy during production than other types of textiles because this type of fabric requires lower processing temperatures. As such, GOTS certified organic cotton reduces textile companies’ electricity consumption by up to 30 percent and saves water as well!


GOTS certified organic cotton is the most eco-friendly and sustainable textile available. GOTS certification ensures that a fabric is free of toxic substances such as pesticides, heavy metals, formaldehyde or fire retardants. GOTS certified fabrics also have lower carbon footprints than other types of textiles because they are not treated with chemicals in production.

In Short

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton is a sustainable and eco-friendly fabric that offers the assurance of being grown in an organic, chemical free environment. It’s one of the most widely recognized standards for organic cotton production worldwide. If you want to make your clothes more environmentally friendly, or just have peace of mind about what goes into them - this certification will do it! All of our cotton clothing at The Friendly Eco is GOTS certified meaning you can shop with confidence!

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