About Us - Our Story

Hi, we're Freya and Kate, owners of The Friendly Eco. We both began our journeys into reusable nappies before we even met each other, whilst we were each pregnant with our first children. We were shocked to find out just how many disposables were being used every single day in the UK - 8 million are thrown away in the UK every single day! And it wasn't just the environmental impact which shocked us, it was also the repeat financial cost of them until potty training for every single baby. Freya was a stay-at-home-mum, meaning there was just one income in her household, and Kate was on maternity leave for the year which left her with a tight budget.

"I had originally planned on using reusable nappies part-time as we had been given lots of disposables and didn't want to overwhelm myself with washing as a new mum. But after my son was born, I realised that disposables were giving him really bad nappy rash which turned out to be an allergy to the chemicals used. I went full-time with the reusable nappies and actually found that they were so much easier than I had originally thought." - Freya

We soon became friends and began discussing how hard it was to browse and buy nappies online. There was no where near Bristol that could provide parents with advice and support that they needed to begin their journey, and the ability to view and feel the nappies in person - which is when the idea of The Friendly Eco was born. We had both learned and experienced it all with reusable nappies - from birth to potty training and everything in between, so felt we could make a real difference to other parents who want to use reusables but have no clue where to start. 

We have always wanted reusable nappies to be accessible on all budgets, which is why our individual nappies range from £5 - £20, and full time kits to last multiple children start from as little as £125. It isn't all or nothing, and we always tell parents that they can start reusables with as little as one nappy. Our mission is to help parents look after the planet whilst teaching their own children, so that they can have a greener future.

Between us, we have successfully used reusable nappies on all four of our children - that's an estimated 20,000 disposable nappies saved from landfill! We have buckets of personal experience in sustainable parenting from wooden toys to zero waste shampoo, and can help you to make small eco swaps for your family in a non-judgemental and friendly environment.

We provide free sustainable parenting tips every day on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok for parents, as well as offering a range of low-cost classes and appointments for those new to reusable nappies. We aim to help as many parents as possible on their sustainable parenting journey because we believe that all of our children deserve to inherit an ecologically-sound and diverse planet.