Nappy Kits

We now offer a range of nappy kits for full and part time use. You are welcome to purchase one of our brand-specific full-time kits below, or we can put together a kit specific to your requirements. To buy a kit please contact us, we aim to reply within 12 hours.

Budget Alva Kit - £139
Alva nappies are our budget pocket nappy option. This kit contains 15 Alva nappies, 15 microfiber boosters, 15 bamboo boosters, one large and one small wet bag. Many Alva kits online don't include the bamboo boosters, with just the microfiber ones, but this isn't absorbent enough for most babies who need two boosters.

Fancy going old school and using terry towels like the good old days? This kit contains 15 White Bots terry towels, 15 Alva Bamboo Boosters, 3 nappy fastners, 4 size one Muslinz wraps, 4 size two Muslinz wraps, one large and one small wet bag. No boiling or soaking needed, wash just like our other nappies in the washing machine.

Baba + Boo Kit - £215
A premium pocket nappy with a double gusset for better containment. This kit contains 15  Baba + Boo pocket nappies, 30 Baba + Boo Bamboo boosters, one large and one small wet bag. These are super absorbent and come in some very pretty prints and the company is run by a lovely mum in the UK.

Bambino Mio Miosolo Kit - £269
A popular All-In-One Nappy, the main insert is attached to the nappy for ease and is very quick drying. This kit contains 15 Bambino Mio Miosolo nappies, 15 Bambino Mio boosters, 1 wet bag and 1 nappy bucket.

Close Pop-In Kit - £269
A popular All-In-Two nappy in which the boosters popper into the shell. This kit contains 15 Close Pop In's with a soaker and booster, 1 small wet bag, 1 large wet bag. These nappies are also suitable for night use when paired with their Night Boosters (£12.99 for three).

Custom Kit - £ variable
We can also create a kit to your specific requirements if you would like, providing a 10% discount on RRP. We can accommodate to include different brand stocked or multiple brands in one kit, cloth wipes kits, additional night nappies. We can add/swap items in each kit to be more suited to you (i.e you want a nappy bucket instead of a large wet bag)

It is also worth noting that the reality is that many newborns are too little for these BTP nappies until they're around 12lbs (2 to 3 months old) so for this time we recommend a Newborn nappy kit such as the Close Pop In Newborn Box, the 6 wraps and 10 boosters are enough for full time use when combined with additional boosters or even folded muslin cloths making it a super inexpensive solution. You can reuse the wraps 2 or 3 times before washing, just switch out the absorbent booster.