Reusable Nappy Payment Plans

Having a baby isn't cheap! And despite reusable nappies saving you hundreds of £££s per baby, the upfront cost isn't ideal for a lot of parents. Which is why we've teamed up with Klarna and Clearpay to offer interest-free instalments to our customers, allowing you to spread the cost of the essentials over a period of time that suits you. Simply shop our nappy kits and accessories as normal, and select Klarna or Clearpay at checkout to take advantage of their interest-free payment plans. The best part is that you'll receive your nappies straight away - there's no waiting until you've paid off the plan!
  • Clearpay

    Clearpay give your the option to pay in 4 instalments every 2 weeks. Great for those on a weekly pay schedule.

  • Klarna

    Klarna give you the option to pay 3 installments every 30 days. So pay a third of the cost today, another third in 30 days, and another third in 60 days. Perfect for those on monthly pay schedules.