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Nom Nom Reusables

Nom Nom Kids Reusable Animal Food Pouches 4pk

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These Nom Nom Kids Reusable food pouches are a great purchase for your own little ones or as a present for friends and family. Say goodbye to the expensive pre-filled yoghurt and fruit puree pouches, and hello to less plastic and more savings!

Allowing you to either make your own snacks, or refill from a large jar or tub, you can even fill them with jelly!

Each reusable pouch holds up to 140ml/4.5oz of thick liquid food (i.e. purees, yogurts, puddings).

This size is perfect for baby weaning and toddler snacks.

Dishwasher and freezer safe, as well as BPA free! They are super easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher due to their large side opening.