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Bambinex Teddy Microfibre Fitted Nappy

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Teddy nappies are super soft and incredibly quick drying. The Teddy nappy is cut so that even though the fabric is puffy it isn't really bulky.

Teddy nappies are extremely soft and fluffy and made from Microfibre. Microfibre is a synthetic 100% polyester fabric which is designed in such a way as to be very absorbent but extremely quick-drying. Lots of people worry when they read it's polyester but Teddys are 3 degrees cooler than disposable nappies, antibacterial, stay super soft and are quick drying.

The Teddy nappy fabric always stays soft even in hard water areas. These nappies are ideal when you don't have a tumble dryer or have limited drying facilities.

The teddy nappy comes in Size 1 and 2

Size 1: 7-22lbs.
Size 2: 18-35lbs (can be adapted for birth to potty for use from 10lbs).