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Close Pop In Seat Protector - Various Designs

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This waterproof Pop-in seat protector is an easy and affordable way to protect your expensive strollers and high chairs catching crumbs, spills and any little accidents from leaky nappies or training pants! 

The Pop-in seat protector will help protect almost anything your little one sits in! The versatile design means it adapts easily to fit different seat shapes, allowing you to protect most of your expensive baby gear against any unwanted surprises your little one may have in store. Perfect for potty training, the fast wicking fleece insert makes light work of soaking up any little unexpected accidents*. It is also a great way of keeping your stroller or high chair seat protected from crumbs and mess your little one may create, reducing the headache of regularly removing it to wash. Designed to fit around a 5 point harness, it can be quickly fitted into their stroller or high chair too!

All materials used within the Pop-in seat protector are machine washable (at 40 degrees), and extremely quick drying, meaning it can be washed and back in use in no time at all!


*Please note whilst the material is waterproof, it is not designed to replace a nappy or cope with a full toddler wee! You may experience some wetness on the seat eat if a child has an accident and is not wearing potty training pants.