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Little Lamb

Little Lamb Onesize Pocket Nappy

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Little Lamb one-size pocket nappies are an easy-to-use, quick-change pocket nappy with good absorbency. We know the poppers look intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, this nappy is as simple as a disposable nappy, making it perfect for sending to nursery.

The nappy has a PUL waterproof cover, a soft stay-dry fleece lining, and a large pocket 'stuffed' with two bamboo boosters. These nappies are slim-fitting and soft, so you know your baby will be comfortable and dry.

  • Each nappy comes with 2 x Double Thickness Bamboo Boosters
  • Superfast drying 
  • Made from stretchy, waterproof PUL (polyurethane laminate) made from recycled plastics 
  • Ethically made using good quality components 
  • Oeko-tex certified
  • Hand illustrated, unique nappy prints

With pocket nappies, the most important thing is to get the boosting right for your baby's need, a light wetter may only need one booster, but most will need two and possibly three.

Outer 100% recycled PUL. Inner 100% recycled polyester. Insert/booster is 90% viscose derived from bamboo and 10% recycled polyester.

How To Use

Adjust the front of the nappy using the rise snaps, and stuff the inserts into the nappy through the elasticated pocket at the back. The double gusset makes the inner pocket of the nappy roomy, and means that the inserts are very easy to stuff inside. You can insert just one insert for smaller babies to begin with for a slimmer fit, before increasing to both inserts as your baby gets older. Once prepped, these nappies go on and off in one piece.

What Else Do I Need?

Nothing! This nappy comes with everything you need to use this nappy in the daytime.

Size Guide

The Little Lamb one sized pocket nappy fits babies from 4 to 16kg (8.5 to 33lbs), so you will only need to buy one set of these nappies, meaning you save lots of money.