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Little Lovebum

Little Lovebum Mighty All In One Nappy

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The Mighty is a super absorbent All-in-One, roomy nappy designed for bigger babies and toddlers. It has a stay-dry liner to keep your baby comfortable and dry, below this is layers of microfibre which quickly absorbs liquids down to the thirsty hemp layers below.

A perfect no-fuss option, as it needs no prepping, folding or stuffing. There is a front elastic which helps it sit lower and adds extra leak protection. It fits securely with double popper closures and has hip poppers which prevent wing-droop and leakage. For night-time use, it is easily boosted. The outermost part is made from TPU which is waterproof, so no cover is needed.

Fits approx 17-40lbs, ideal for chunkier babies!

Drying tip: Turn the nappy inside out between the two absorbent layers to quicken the drying time.

How To Use

Adjust the front of the nappy using the rise snaps. This nappy is as close to a disposable as you can get - everything is sewn in, so just put the nappy on and go!

What Else Do I Need?

Nothing! This nappy comes with everything you need to use this nappy in the daytime. You may want to boost with additional bamboo or hemp boosters as baby gets older.