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Little Lovebum

Little Lovebum Snap & Wrap Max Cover

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The Snap & Wrap Max cloth nappy cover is a versatile and simple nappy system.

It works brilliantly over fitted, flat and pre-fold nappies. The MuslinZ Prefolds are a great option to use with this cover if you are after a simple and affordable nappy system as you can reuse the wrap up to 3 times before washing.

The Snap & Wrap Max Cover has a secure fit with double popper closures for active babies and toddlers as well as rise poppers to adjust the size.

The belly band helps prevent leaks for tummy sleepers.

The Snap & Wrap Max Cover is easy to wash and dry. Just wipe clean and reuse a couple of times before adding to the wash.

It is made with a soft and stretchy PUL that can fit over bulky night nappies too.

The Snap & Wrap Max fits approximately 10-40lbs.