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Tickle Tots

Tickle Tots 2s All In Two Nappy

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The Tickle Tots 2’s is a two-part nappy system consisting of an outer waterproof shell with ‘snap in’ absorbent boosters. 

The shells can be used a couple of times before being washed by simply wiping them down between changes (if not soiled or wet) and snapping in a clean set of boosters. This makes it a very versatile nappy. Each shell comes with a set of 2 boosters, one large and one small, these can be used alone or snapped together for maximum absorbency. The boosters are made from bamboo fabric and are super soft and absorbent.

  • The smaller booster is made up of 3 layers of bamboo fleece with a suede cloth top (super absorbent and keeps little ones bottom dry) and can be used on its own when the nappy is on its smallest setting or snapped onto the other booster for additional absorbency.
  • The larger booster is made up of 4 layers of bamboo fleece with a suede cloth top and PUL bottom and allows airflow through the centre for speedy drying!

This is a One Size (birth to potty) nappy with rise snaps on the front to adjust the size to fit your baby from approx. 9lbs - 35lbs.

How To Use

Adjust the front of the nappy using the rise snaps, then popper the inserts into the nappy, you may use just one on smaller babies for a slimmer fit, opting for two as your baby gets older. At change time, simply replace the boosters, you can reuse the nappy shell 2-3 times before washing.

What Else Do I Need?

Nothing! This nappy comes with everything you need to use this nappy in the daytime. It is recommended to buy additional inserts to avoid changing the whole nappy every time. A fleece liner is optional but is useful for poop disposal.