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Tickle Tots

Tickle Tots AIO One Size Nappy

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This is a one-part reusable nappy system that is super easy to use. The Tickle Tots All-in-One Nappy consists of a waterproof outer layer with a sewn-in absorbent core of bamboo fabric making them super slim whilst maintaining great absorbency. 

The absorbent core can be flipped out when drying to speed drying time. The Tickle Tots AIO also has the added benefit of a pocket to add additional boosters to increase the absorbency when required.

Each nappy comes with an additional bamboo booster.

This is a birth to potty nappy with rise snaps on the front to adjust the size to fit your baby from approx. 9lbs - 35lbs.

How To Use

Adjust the front of the nappy using the rise snaps, then stuff the attached insert into the pocket at the back. Once prepped, these nappies go on and off in one piece, just like a disposable!

What Else Do I Need?

Nothing! This nappy comes with everything you need to use this nappy in the daytime.