How To Make One Size Nappies Fit From Birth

How To Make One Size Nappies Fit From Birth

Want your One Size reusable nappies to fit from birth? Here's our top tips:

❤️ Choose a nappy with removable inserts - an all-in-one nappy may be convenient on bigger babies, but having the full absorbency in the nappy from birth creates unnecessary bulk on a newborn. A pocket nappy or wrap allows you to use a muslin cloth or size 1 prefold as absorbency rather than the full-sized inserts that come with it, reducing bulk.

Check out our one-size pocket nappy selection, and our favourite one-size wrap for newborns.

🧡 Choose a nappy with at least four rise settings - the extra set will maker the nappy even smaller and allow you to get a teeny tiny nappy height to avoid rubbing your newborn's umbilical cord.

💛 Overlapping waist poppers are your best friend - a nappy that allows you to overlap the tabs for a super small waist fit is ideal, giving you a good, snug fit on smaller babies.

Our Little Lamb Pocket Nappy, Nipper Nappy Pocket Nappy and Little Lovebum Pocket Nappy all offer overlapping waist snaps.

💚 Get the fit right - ensuring the leg elastics are tucked into t he knicker line can help to prevent leaks, even if the nappy is still a little roomy around the legs. Luckily, a little gap in the legs isn't too much of an issue for newborns as they wee little and often, so aren't likely to flood the nappy.

💙 Lower your expectations - sometimes, getting a good one size fit on a newborn just isn't possible, particularly if they are below 7lbs or have particularly skinny legs. After all, these nappies are designed to fit 35lb toddlers too! Try again in a couple of weeks, and don't sweat a few disposables used until then.

💜 Hire a newborn kit - if your baby is small or you already have a stash that won't fit from birth, then why not hire a kit? You have the full freedom of trying out a large range of brands to suit all sizes, support throughout hire and you'll get a money off voucher to purchase a kit of your own!

Check out our hire kits and nappy classes on offer at The Friendly Eco.


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