A stack of nappies in various patterns with the title "I want to use cloth nappies but..."

"I want to use cloth nappies but..."

Are you considering reusable nappies but have a few (or lots of) doubts about getting started? We've ALL been there! Very few parents are 100% sold on reusable nappies from the get-go, simply because they aren't talked abut enough! So we're here to bust the myths and share the truth...

Even the most experienced of nappy users once said "I want to use cloth nappies but..." including myself. It's nothing to be ashamed of and it's perfectly normal to be sceptical of a new idea when you don't really understand it. We all want the best for our children and we all want to keep our sanity whilst providing them with the best that we can.

I usually talk about helping parents who have already began their cloth nappy journey, or who have already committed to the idea, being in our little 'reusable nappy bubble' that becomes your life when you have a cloth nappy shop, you feel like anyone and everyone uses cloth nappies. But it's often easy to forget how many parents don't start cloth nappies simply because of the small misconceptions.

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There's so much to consider as a new parent, that it's all to easy to picture old terry towels boiling on the stove and be put off the idea for life, but what is it REALLY like using reusable nappies?

Here's the most common worries of parents that we hear regularly, and our response to each of them.

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"...I don't want to touch the poop"

You won't be touching any more poop than you already do with disposables! Cloth prevents those back poonami's, and disposable liners are great for easy poop disposal. There's no going elbow's deep in poopy nappies on wash day, just unzip the wet bag and chuck the entire thing in the washing machine!

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"...my partner isn't on board"

Ask them what's holding them back - it's likely to be a misconception over the difficulty of reusable nappies. Attending a nappy class with your partner can really help to get them on board, we run classes in Bristol and find even the most skeptical parents end up walking away very optimistic and knowledgable in cloth nappies!

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"...I have enough washing already"

Since starting reusables i've found myself more organized in my wash routine than ever. Two times a week I stick my nappies in the washing machine on a rinse and top up with clothes for the main wash. I never have nappy leaks as I can control the absorbency of my nappies, so there's less baby clothes washing too!

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"...I can't afford the upfront cost"

This is a very fair reason, despite the fact reusable nappies are much cheaper overall, the upfront cost can make it tricky. There's a few options to make it easier - Klarna to split the cost of your kit, buying a few a momth on payday, or asking friends and family for nappies/gift vouchers for your baby shower are all great ways.

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"...they seem too complicated"

I've always been a firm believer that reusable nappies aren't complicated or harder, they're just different to the modern 'norm' that is disposables. A little research from a trusted source can really help to ease any worries and broaden your knowledge. Our blog posts, social media and nappy classes are great places to learn!

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"...they're not that good for the environment"

Did you know that disposables use up to ten times more water in production than reusables use for washing, not to mention energy and the thousands of liters of crude oil used in disposables! We have a number of blog posts comparing environmental impact of reusables to disposables if you fancy checking them out.

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"...I'm worried about energy bills"

The average reusable nappy uses just 1p of energy per change. When you factor in water, energy, detergent and the cost of buying the nappy, each change will cost from four pence to seven pence, which is almost always cheaper than a disposable nappy!

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Have a worry that isn't listed? Comment below and we will answer it for you!

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