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Little Lamb

Little Lamb Cotton Fitted Nappy

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Little Lamb fitted nappies provide an extraordinary absorbency and a comfortable fit for your baby. 

These nappies are inexpensive, easy-to-use, well-fitting nappy that you can rely on to give baby long-lasting dryness. These nappies create the traditional 'fluffy bum' silhouette cloth nappies are famous for, which is truly adorable. 

These nappies are made from cotton, meaning they are very long-lasting, and have decent absorbency and medium drying time.

Little Lamb cotton nappies were first introduced over sixteen years ago, they are built to last in a throwaway age and will last multiple children.

Size 1 fits babies from around 7lbs - 20lbs (3kgs - 9kgs)

Size 2 fits babies from around 20lbs-38lbs (9kgs -17kgs)

Size 3 fits from 35lbs/16kgs, but most babies potty train before reaching this size.

Each contains a cotton booster (Separate for size 1, attached at one end for sizes 2 & 3) and a separate fleecy liner.

This nappy consists of the fitted nappy with an attached booster for additional absorbency, and a fleece liner to keep baby feeling dry whilst making poop disposal easier!

Save over 15% by purchasing a pack of 5.

How To Use

Lay the extra insert inside, followed by the included fleece liner which sits closest to the skin for comfort. Fasten the nappy on your baby then place a wrap over the top, ensuring none of the fitted nappy material is poking through. You can simply replace the inner fitted nappy at change time, allowing you to reuse the outer wrap a few times before it needs a wash.

What Else Do I Need?

You will need an outer wrap/cover to keep the nappy waterproof.